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Guy Diehl at Dolby Chadwick Gallery - Review by DeWitt Cheng. Mar. 2018


Recomendation by DeWitt Cheng, VAS Visual Art Source. Nov. 2015


A Dialogue with Tradition II - Still life, tradition, art history, and masterful skill are beautifully orchestrated in the acrylic paintings of Guy Diehl.  Fine Art Connoisseur Magazine  2015


"Guy Diehl: A Dialogue With Tradition at Dolby Chadwick Gallery."  I recently interviewed Guy Diehl and asked him about his background, his ideas and his works as painter, muralist and tapestry artist. Sept. 2013

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—John Seed | HuffPost Art & Culture Blog - September 1, 2013


"A Contemporary Take on a Zurbaran Still Life."  With his smart still life painting, Guy Diehl pays homage to Zurbaran, Picasso, and a host of other important artists in a thoughtful way."

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—Jeffrey Carlson | Fine Art Today - August 30, 2013


"Transmedia Art Walk a great addition to Davis."  I was taken aback by the murals - they were all so unique. On the corner of Ace Hardware there is the beautiful mural by Guy Diehl called “Still Life with Billie Holliday” – a stunning tribute to the late singer."

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—Maxwell Pierce | SACRAMENTO PRESS - March 21, 2013 


"Looking at the virtuosic precision on display in Guy Diehl’s latest print edition Still Life with Yves Klein Blue, one might never guess that the acrylic painting which served as its source was created amid personal turmoil."

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—Nick Stone | MAGNOLIA EDITIONS BLOG - July 5, 2012


"Guy Diehlʼs still lifes openly-and-playfully-acknowledge tradition, especially the tradition of the new. Dramatically tenebristic and exquisitely executed the surface is polished to perfection, evoking the “perfection” of the artists the works celebrate Diehlʼs pictures are at once homage to the a heroic artistic past, which we now know largely through reproductions in books, and, less ironically brooding mediations on beauty."

—Donald Kuspit | CALIFORNIA NEW OLD MASTERS - Exhibition catalog 2005


"Guy Diehlʼs paintings are reverential, above all A consummate technician steeped in in art history, Diehl practices painting as an act of homage. In his first local solo show since 1987, at Hunsaker/Schlesinger Fine Arts, Diehl pays tribute to Morandi, Rothko, Zurburan, Ingres, Goya, Modigliani, Demuth and Joan Brown - by name as well as through visual quotes and references.

Diehl is terrifically adept at rendering volume, translucency and shadow, and his compositions are always elegant and harmonious."

—Leah Ollman | LOS ANGELES TIMES - December 10, 2004


"Good still-life painters can create illusions of palpable reality yet locate things we commonly taste, smell and touch firmly in the precincts of the imagination. Guy Diehl (b. 1949), whose acrylic still lifes were on view this June at Hackett-Freedman, uses the library rather that the kitchen as his setting. Diehlʼs formula is to juxtapose natural objects with books and art reproductions. The objects are centered on a table with its front edge dead parallel to to the picture plane.

All paintings, no matter how realistically painting, are fiction. Confronting the silent, mundane objects of the still life, Diehl celebrates the phenomenal worldʼs strangeness and beauty while offering a glimpse to the realities beyond.”

—Gail Leggio | AMERICAN ARTS QUARTERLY - Spring 2003


"Some years ago Bay Area painted Guy Diehl found the still life formula that generated the works on view at Hackett-Freedman." With smooth, unfinicky realism, Diehl describes arrangements of books - frequently art books - envelopes and other objects stacked on a tabletop under raking daylight, with darkness behind.

The composition of a picture such as “Still Life with Picasso Guitar” 2000, smartly recalls the internal geometry of Russian constructivism and De Stijl. Showing a book open to an image of one of Picassoʼs most famous sculptures, the painting gives Diehl a chance to re-create and salute an artist heroʼs work."

—Kenneth Baker | SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE - June 16, 2001



Guy is currently represented by the Dolby Chadwick Gallery of San Francisco CA